Adharanand Finn is a passionate runner, and an established and renowned author. Perhaps every runner must have noticed some of his work, including the well known titles Running With The Kenyans, The Way Of The Runner and The Rise Of The Ultra Runners. We had the pleasure and honor to welcome him on our podcast.

The very specific aspect of his work includes the „hands on“ experience while writing a book. This means, when writing a book on Kenyan runners, he moved to Kenya. When uncovering the secrets of running culture in Japan, again, he moved to Japan and stayed close to the scene. And, when he decided to write a book about the fascinating ultra running scene, he did his best to collect points for UTMB on multiple races and locations, and ran this epic adventure on his own.

We had a very nice discussion with Adharanand, chatting about some topics from his books, potential influences those might have caused, impact of the corona virus pandemic. We also got to his personal way of the runner, which somehow wires throughout his runner career, writing adventures around the planet.

Should it be reading any of the books mentioned, or catching up with some ideas from the episode, we hope this discussion will bring you motivation and inspiration for the 2021 running season. Be it events reopened or you personal projects, follow your Way Of The Runner!

To follow Adharanand Finn, check out his Instagram or the The Way Of The Runner web, where you can find his books, blog posts and podcast episodes.

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